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Bourbon is your personal assistant, which can do anything. Literally.

One minute about Bourbon

6 continents

Bourbon works all over the world.

Be in the know

Even a sudden trip should be planned perfectly. Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco, Carnival in Rio, Adele’s concert in London — wherever you go, we’ll arrange it.

Events and trips

All the best

sports, concerts, festivals, exhibitions, events, and conferences.

Enjoy your ride

You need a special vehicle in a special place. Looking for a green Rolls Royce on Cote d’Azur? Yacht for a weekend in the Caribbean? Easy.



private jets

Settle down

It’s always difficult to decide where to stop. Or not? Bourbon will help you find real estate of any kind. We mean it.

Accommodation and real estate

Full cycle management

Starting with search, ending with paperwork.

Feel the moment

Safari in Africa, a date in Sardinia, or meeting a celebrity on the backstage? All for the sake of vivid impressions.



custom travels

Celebrate this day

What is common between a bachelor party, a birthday celebration and a corporate dinner? Only one thing — we know how to arrange all of them. And how to deliver exceptional impressions.

Private parties

Details matter

Security, decorations, bracelets — we know what little things a real party consists of.

Everything is possible

Someone has to solve everyday problems. We are listening. Call us: +44 7937 256967, or write


One minute about Bourbon

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+44 7937 256967

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